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Are we insured?

Yes. While scanning a space is a very low risk action, we do carry a minimum of 1,000,000 in Commercial Liability Insurance. We can also increase this limit for unique situations.

How much does a 3D Virtual Tour cost?

Our All-inclusive 3D Virtual Tours start from $150 per location. Contact us so we may quote your 3D Tour.

Is the 3D Virtual Tour compatible with The MLS?

Yes. We offer an "unbranded" 3D Vurtial Tour - which is compliant with TheMLS guidelines and regulations.

Can I share it on my own website?

Yes, you or your webmaster can embed our Branded Virtual Tours on your website. Having a 3D Virtual Tour on your own site increases how much time a prospect spends getting to know you and your Brand. On average, most of us leave a site within 45 seconds. With an embedded tour, we have seen this average to be over 2 minutes. More time with you less time with your competitor.

How long does the process take A-Z?

We understand the quick pace of the Real Estate world. Our clients value our quick turnaround. Without cutting corners, we deliver a beautiful 3D Tour within 1 business day.

Are photos included?

We specialize in 3D Virtual Tours and not Still Photography. We can however share beautiful photos captured by our All-in-one camera for free, but they may need editing to match your desired style or marketing goal before you post them online or on social media. We will not edit them for you.

What areas do we work in?

"We Love LA!" We are based out of Malibu CA and we only service the greater Los Angeles area.

Do we offer Aerial Photography

We will soon, very soon! Sharing the sky with commercial planes and helicopters is serious business and requires a lot of planning and coordination with the FAA. We’re proud to announce that we have begun the process to earn our wings and add value to our Virtual Tour services by taking the experience to the sky. We should be airborne very soon, subscribe to receive updates and special offers.

3D Virtual Tour vs. Virtual Tour

In the Real Estate world, “virtual tours” help share a space in ways 2D photos cannot. A 3D Virtual Tours is not the same as Virtual Tour (aka video).

While cinematic RE videos are effective, they suffer from the same challenge 2D photos do: Control. The viewer cannot control the direction of the video, pause nor look around at something that catches their attention. They can however within a True 3D Virtual Tour by Sky360 Media!

Sky360 3D Virtual Tours are fully immersive and offer the viewer Complete Control. The viewer can move about the space, pause, and take a look around as if though they are really there. This advantage elevates the experience for the buyer, seller and Realtor vs. a video virtual tour.

What is a Dollhouse View?

Visuals are motivating. The Dollhouse view is an innovative format that is engaging and a detailed represintation of the home from a perspective that can give the prospect buyer a real sense of how it would feel to inhabit the space.

Have a specific question?

Please email your question to info@sky360media.com

How do I prepare my client for a photoshoot?

Declutter - Declutter - Declutter! A well-staged home will look much better to potential buyers. When we book an appointment, we send you our tips & tricks sheet to prepare for our upcoming photoshoot. Here are a few examples of how to prepare for a photoshoot:

Week of photoshoot:

1. Do a complete home cleaning - top/bottom - including windows inside/out.

2. Light fixtures should have all bulbs installed and should be of the same color.

4. Mow the lawn, trim bushes, and prune flowers.

5. Put away photos of family & friends.

Day of photoshoot:

1. Put away all sensitive and personal documents and mail.

2. Vacuum, dust, and tidy-up.

3. Clean all mirrors

4. Clear all surfaces — especially kitchen & bathroom countertops.

What is an Unbranded 3D Virtual Tour?

We can produce different versions of the 3D Tour depending on the platform where you will share it. For the MLS platform, they require an Unbranded Virtual Tour. Unbranded: Complies with MLS (Multiple Listing Service for residential real estate) rules regarding external links. Removes agent branding, removes links in highlight tag, and removes VR option. A "Branded" Virtual Tours will show all of these.

What is a Floor Plan View?

The Floor Plan view is an overhead perspective of the home. You can see the relationships between rooms, spaces, and other physical features at one level of a structure.