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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a 3D Virtual Tour (aka Digital Twin)?
    A 3D Virtual Tour serves as a digital representation of a physical space. To elaborate: A 3D Virtual Tour, also known as a digital twin, constitutes a visually engaging, precise, and interactive 3D rendition of an actual physical environment that can be accessed on various devices, including mobile phones, desktop computers, and tablets.
  • Can I add a 3D Virtual Tour to TheMLS?
    Yes! We offer an "unbranded" 3D Virtual Tour link - which is compliant with TheMLS guidelines and regulations. Upon receiving your 3D Virtual Tour Packet, you will have access to a custom website link which can be copied and pasted into your MLS Listing under the “virtual tour” tab.
  • Do you provide photos?
    Our primary focus is delivering an immersive 3D Virtual Tour Experience. However, we also offer the option to share unaltered images taken during our visit. It is important to note that these images do not undergo the stylization or editing typically associated with professional real estate photography sessions.
  • Are we insured?
    Yes. While scanning a space is a very low risk action, we do carry a minimum of 1,000,000 in Commercial Liability Insurance. We can also increase this limit for unique situations as requesteed.
  • What is the difference between a Virtual Tour & 3D Virtual Tour?
    How you Show the Home Matters! "Virtual Tours" are Videos. "3D Virtual Tours" are fully immersive online experiences at the control of the viewer. While videos are effective, they suffer from the same challenge 2D photos do: Control. With a Video, the viewer cannot control the direction of the video, especially not look around at something that catches their attention. They can however within an immersive 3D Virtual Tour by Sky360 Media! Sky360 Media 3D Virtual Tours are fully immersive and offer the viewer Complete Control. The viewer has full control and can move about the space, as if though they are there. This advantage elevates the experience for the Buyer, Seller and Realtor vs. a virtual tour video.
  • What is a "Branded" 3D Virtual Tour?"
    We produce two versions of the 3D Virtual Tour. Depending on the platform where you wish share it, you get a Branded and Unbranded version of the 3D Virtual Tour. With a Branded link, all Tour Features are active & available. Including Realtor Contact Details, VR (for viewing with VR goggles), SkyTags and external links are all available and customizable. The Branded link is best for Property Websites, branded advertising and social media advertising.
  • Is there a cancellation fee?
    Unfortunately there is. To help Realtors market homes in a quick-pace environment, our team prides itself on providing a time sensitive experience. This means having an entire preproduction, production and post production team assigned exclusively to your listing. Cancellation Policy If you cancel your appointment less than 24hrs before it is scheduled time, you will be subject to a $150 cancellation fee. You can cancel or reschedule an appointment by emailing us at or calling our office at 866-310-3520.
  • Service Area
    "We Love LA!" We are based out of Malibu CA and we service the greater Los Angeles area.
  • Can I show it on my personal website?
    Yes, you or your webmaster can embed our Branded Virtual Tours on your website. We can provide a custom embeddable code for this use. Having a 3D Virtual Tour on your own site, not only provides your visitors an immersive experience but it also increases how much time a viewer spends getting to know you and your Brand. Did you know, on average, most of us leave a site within 45 seconds. With an embedded tour, we have seen this average to be over 2 minutes. More time with you, less time with your competitor.
  • What is an "Unbranded" 3D Virtual Tour?"
    We produce two versions of the 3D Virtual Tour. Depending on the platform where you wish share it, you get a Branded and Unbranded version of the 3D Virtual Tour. An Unbranded 3D Virtual Tour complies with TheMLS (Multiple Listing Service for Residential Real Estate) rules regarding external links. With this shared link, Tour Features like Realtor Contact Details, VR (for VR goggles), SkyTags and external links are hidden. All other Public Details, including Address, may be visible to anyone with the link.
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